Journal «Angiology and Vascular Surgery» • 

2013 • VOLUME 19 • №2

Surgical treatment of an aneurysm of the deep femoral artery

Gavrilenko A.V., Vakhratyan P.E., Kotov A. E., Alikin E.Yu.

Department of Vascular Surgery Russian Scientific Centre of Surgery named after Academician B.V. Petrovsky under the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Moscow, Russia

We report herein a rare clinical case concerning an isolated deep aneurysm of the femoral artery with extravasal compression of the superficial femoral vein, complicated by venous insufficiency and oedema of the lower extremity. A 66-year-old female patient was admitted complaining of a pulsing formation on the left inguinal region, a feeling of puffiness and heaviness of the left lower extremity. The findings of the ultrasonographic Doppler scanning showed no signs of deep veins thrombosis, however, in the projection of the Skarpovsky’s triangle of the left lower limb, there was an aneurysmatic dilatation of the deep femoral artery, arteriovenous malformation (?). In order to specify the diagnosis, we performed multispiral CT angiography revealing an isolated aneurysm of the deep femoral artery. Therefore, we carried out successful resection of the aneurysm with the end-to-side reimplantation of the unaltered distal portion of the deep femoral artery into the superficial femoral artery. Preoperative multispiral CT angiography is a valuable non-invasive diagnostic tool serving to evaluate not only an aneurysm itself but the distal arterial bed.

KEY WORDS: deep femoral artery, aneurysm, computed tomography.

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