Journal «Angiology and Vascular Surgery» • 

2011 • VOLUME 17 • №4

Endovascular treatment of a female patient with resistant arterial hypertension secondary o a renal artery aneurysm

Sukhorukov V.V., Frolova E.V., Tereshina O.V., Krugomov A.V., Trofimov S.I., Goncharova E.S.

Described herein is a successful therapeutic outcome in a female patient presenting with resistant arterial hypertension secondary to a gigantic intraorganic aneurysm of the right renal artery. Ttreatment consisted of intravascular prosthetic repair of the parenchymatous portion of the renal artery, eventually making it possible to entirely bypass the aneurysmatic sac and to restore the lumen of the renal artery, followed by normalization of arterial pressure.

KEY WORDS: ischaemic renal disease, renal artery aneurysm, endovascular prosthetic repair of the renal artery, peripheral stent graft.

P. 49-52

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