Journal «Angiology and Vascular Surgery» • 

2011 • VOLUME 17 • №4

Systemic multimodality postoperative analgesia in vascular surgery

Kazennov V.V., Shishkin M.N., Amerov D.B.
Department of Resuscitation and Critical Care State Federal Facility A.V. Vishnevsky Institute of Surgery under the Russian Federation Ministry of Public Health and Social Development, Moscow, Russia

The study comprised a total of fifty-three patients after endured operations performed on the infrarenal portion of the aorta and large vessels of the lower extremities. The work was aimed at evaluating quality of postoperative analgesia in various regimens of multimodality analgesia based on non-narcotic analgesics. The following combinations of the drugs were used: ketoprofen + tramadol; lornoxicam + tramadol; paracetamol + tramadol; paracetamol + lornoxicam + tramadol. The use in the postoperative period of the above mentioned regimens of multimodality analgesics makes it/nmpfble to achieve a good analgesic effect without administration of narcotic analgesics. The inclusion of paracetamol into the postoperative multimodality analgesia results in a rapid onset of an analgesic effect and decreased requirements in prescribing tramadol. In patients running a high risk of an ulcerogenic effect of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, postoperative analgesia should be carried out based on paracetamol and tramadol whose combination appears to provide a beneficial analgesic effect.

KEY WORDS: postoperative pain, multimodality analgesia, surgery.

P. 112-113

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