Journal «Angiology and Vascular Surgery» • 

2020 • VOLUME 26 • №3

Surgical treatment of an extracranial aneurysm of the internal carotid artery

Mikhailov M.S., Ridel V.Yu., Musaev A.B.

Surgical Department, Samara Municipal Clinical Hospital № 1 named after N.I. Pirogov, Samara, Russia

Extracranial carotid artery aneurysms belong to uncommon and dangerous vascular diseases. Reported herein are the results of successive surgical treatment of a patient presenting with an extracranial aneurysm of the internal carotid artery. Given anatomical peculiarities (large dimensions of the aneurysm, tortuosity of the internal carotid artery), it was decided to perform resection of the aneurysm with an end-to-end anastomosis established. The patient examined at 12 months postoperatively was found to be free from the syncopal states, with no restenosis of the zone of the anastomosis revealed. The chosen therapeutic policy provided effective prevention from the development of ischaemic stroke and aneurysmal rupture, as well as improved the patient’s quality of life. An open reconstructive operation is an optimal method of treatment of patients presenting with extracranial carotid artery aneurysms.

KEY WORDS: carotid artery aneurysm, ischaemic stroke, carotid artery tortuosity, syncopal states, open surgical operation.

P. 171

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