Journal «Angiology and Vascular Surgery» • 

2015 • VOLUME 21 • №2

Deformity of subclavian artery as a cause of formation of vertebral subclavian steal syndrome

Kirsanov R.I., Khorev N.G., Kulikov V.P.

Altai State Medical University of the RF Public Health Ministry, Barnaul, Russia

Presented herein are 3 clinical case reports concerning formation of vertebral subclavian steal syndrome in deformities of subclavian arteries. By means of duplex scanning, angiography and multispiral computed tomography it was shown that deformities of subclavian arteries in the first segment (proximal to the origin of the vertebral artery) with septal stenosing are accompanied by a typical dopplerographic picture pattern of steal syndrome.

KEY WORDS: vertebral subclavian steal syndrome, deformity, subclavian artery, vertebral artery, duplex scanning.

P. 48-51

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