Journal «Angiology and Vascular Surgery» • 

2010 • VOLUME 16 • №3


Khripun A.I., Shuryguin S.N., Pryamikov A.D. Mironkov А.В., Abashin M.V.
City Clinical Hospital N12,
Moscow, Russia

The authors attempted to determine instrumental criteria for vitality and non-vitality of the intestine with the help of laser Doppler flowmetry and absorption spectroscopy. The material used was subdivided into two study groups: in group one, the indices of microcirculation of the viable small and large intestine were determined during elective cavitary operations; group two comprised 20 portions of resected necrotised segments of the large and small intestine, wherein we registered the indices of microcirculation of the non-viable devitalized intestine. We thus obtained instrumental indices of microcirculation of various intestinal portions in health, as well as in the setting of acute impairment of intestinal blood circulation and intestinal gangrene. Statistically significant differences were revealed only for the parameter of microcirculation and the coefficient of variation of the «viable» and necrotized intestine; blood oxygen saturation and volumetric blood filling of tissue between the two groups did not differ significantly. The instrumental criteria for intestinal vitality and non- vitality of may be used while making a decision as to the scorife of resection of the intestine affected which would thus make it possible to decrease the rate of progression of intestinal necrosis in the postoperative period. We believe that this would make it possible to substantially improve the outcomes of surgical management and to decrease lethality in patients presenting with acute impairment of mesenteric circulation.

KEY WORDS: acute impairment of mesenteric circulation, laser Doppler flowmetry, intestinal vitality.

P. 34-38

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