Journal «Angiology and Vascular Surgery» • 

2009 • VOLUME 15 • №4

Enlarged sinistral hemihepatectomy and prosthetic repair of the inferior vena cava in locally disseminated hepatic alveococcosis

Vishnevsky V.A.1, Zotikov A.E.2,, Efanov M.G.1,, Ikramov R.Z.1,, Lyadov V.K.1,

1) Department of Hepatic and Pancreatic Surgery,
2) Department of Vascular Surgery A.V. Vishnevsky Institute of Surgery under the Russian Federal Agency for High-Technological Medical Care, Moscow, Russia

High risk of surgical management for disseminated forms of alveococcosis appears to be associated with invasive growth of the parasite and the related necessity to perform vast resections of the liver and adjacent organs, as well as resections and prosthetic repair of the major vessels. The only alternative method of treatment could be liver transplantation. The purpose of this study was to demonstrate successful prosthetic reconstruction with the an allograft of the hepatic segment of the inferior vena cava in the course of enlarged hemihepatectomy for locally disseminated hepatic alveococcosis with the involvement of the inferior vena cava. The "Goretex" prosthesis was used as an allograft. The immediate postoperative period was accompanied and followed by mild-degree postresection liver insufficiency. During 6 months of dynamic follow up, the prosthesis was patent, with no relapses of the disease on the background of antiparasitic chemotherapy being noted. The use of allografts in vascular prosthetic repair in hepatic alveococcosis appears justified, requiring, however, further investigation.

KEY WORDS: alveococcosis, prosthetic repair of the inferior cava vena, hepatic resection.

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