Journal «Angiology and Vascular Surgery» • 

2005 • VOLUME 11 • №1


A.V. Troitsky, A.N. Bobrovskaya, P.Yu. Orekhov, Ye.R. Lysenko, R.I. Khabazov, P.Yu. Parshin, O.G. Gryaznov, D.V. Lyubimtsev, M.V. Zaitsev, Ye.D. Malyutina, N.V. Ustyantseva
Clinical hospital №83, Center of vascular surgery, pa "medbioekstrem", RF ministry of public health,
Moscow, Russia

Popliteal and femoral aneurysms account for about 70% of the incidence of peripheral aneurysms. Only 4% of aneurysms run their course with the clinical evidence of rupture. The ruptured aneurysm is dangerous because of a potential limb loss as well as due to the threat of lethal outcome in patients at a high surgical risk. Presented herein is a successful experience (first in this country) gained with the treatment of a ruptured femoral aneurysm by means of endoprosthetics using a new stent graft with ptfb coating in a patient at a high risk for traditional surgical treatment.

KEY WORDS: femoral aneurysm, endoprosthetics.

P. 53

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