Journal «Angiology and Vascular Surgery» • 

2001 • VOLUME 7 • №3


B.S. Sukhovatykh, F.M. Naxarenko, L.N. Belikov, O.A. Rodionov, S.A. Abramova, A.N. Shcherbakov
Chair of Surgical Diseases №2, Kursk State Medical University,
Kursk, Russia

Altogether 139 patients suffering from varicosity with the clinical manifestations of inframalleolar venous insufficiency have undergone surgical treatment.

The operative intervention included elimination of blood refluxes in the superficial, communicating and deep veins of the foot. The superficial blood reflux was interrupted by simultaneous occlusion of the main trunks of the medial and lateral marginal veins on the foot and of the greater and lesser saphenous veins on the calf by the autogenous vein taken from the thighs The perforating reflux was eliminated by supra- or subfascial ligation of the incompetent communicating veins of the foot at the sites of their location. To liquidate the pathologic blood reflux from the deep veins of the calf to the deep veins of the foot, we undertook retrograde autogenous vein occlusion of the posterior tibial veins over a length of the tendinous part of the calf. The results of the treatment were evaluated according to the recommendations of the International Association of Phlebologists using a questionnaire for assessing quality of life of patients operated on for chronic venous insufficiency. Excellent results were obtained in 23.8%, good in 65.4%, and satisfactory in 10.8% of patients.

KEY WORDS: inframalleolar venous insufficiency, technology of surgical treatment, results of the treatment.

P. 39-45

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