Journal «Angiology and Vascular Surgery» • 

2000 • VOLUME 6 • №2


Yu.I. Kazakov, M.G. Khatypov

Transcranial Doppler was used to examine 36 patients for embolisation on the reconstructed side before and after different operations on carotid arteries and to establish the relationship between the clinical manifestations and the number and power of microemboli (ME). The patients were classified into 3 groups. The first group (13 patients) underwent 14 carotid eversion endarterectomies, the second group (10 patients) carotid endarterectomies combined with autologous vein graft, and the third group (12 patients) underwent operations on carotid arteries with the retained intima. In the follow-up period, ME were recorded in 71% of the first group and in 30% of the second group patients. The third group patients did not experience the given complication. The development of transient ischemic attacks was recorded at massive embolisation, with the number of ME exceeding 350 per hour. It is noteworthy that ischemic stroke occurred if the number of ME was greater than 600 per hour.

It has been demonstrated that after carotid endarterectomy ME may be recorded in the middle cerebral artery on the reconstructed side. The clinical manifestations of this phenomenon are directly related to the number and power of ME brought into the arterial flow of the brain.

KEY WORDS: cerebral microembolism, carotid endarterectomy, transcranial Doppler.

P. 83-87

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