Journal «Angiology and Vascular Surgery» • 

1998 • VOLUME 4 • №3-4


S.V. Ivanov, A.S. Krikovtsov, A.A. Kapustm, L.S. Barbarash
The Kemerovo Cardiological Centre,
Kemerovo, Russia

The Kemerovo Cardiological Centre devised and for the first time implemented into clinical practice new vascular substitutes with a diameter of less than 6mm from bovine internal thoracic arteries structurated with 5% diep-oxide solution (commercial name "Potok"). The article deals with the results of using 63 biograftsfor bypassing the arteries below the knee joint: femoro-infra-poplietal – 44, fem-oro-tibial – 19. The indications for using biografts were primarily determined by the lacking or unsuitable autogenous shunting material (77.8%). Primary patency of biografts "Potok "amounted to'.forfemoro-poplietal reconstructions – 47.5% (3 years after the operation), and for femoro-tiblal ones – 50% (in follow-up terms up to 30 months). Statistically significant was higher long-term patency with competent pathways of "outflow" and "inflow" in patients without coronary insufficiency, as well as information of distal "end-to-end "anastomosis. Placing an unloading arteriovenous fistula in the area of distal anastomosis proved efficient. No new or unknown complications were observed while using biological grafts. Besides thromboses, aneurysmatic dilatation and suppuration were noted (1 case each). The authors consider that the results of actuary analysis of disordered patency of xenogenous grafts treated with diepoxide reflect most likely the ge-neral patterns of repair of medium- and small-diameter arteries. The biografts "Potok" could be used successfully as a reasonable alternative to autogenous material in lower limbs revascularization.

P. 89

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