ACADEMY LIVE COURSES (14-15 January 2020, Hamburg, Germany)


Tuesday 14th and Wednesday 15th January, Hamburg, Germany

For the first time ever, ESVS is offering fantastic hands-on workshops on open and endo surgery using in vivo models!

Course 1: Vascular Access (Human donor) – 2 days course
Anatomic dissection for various surgical access sites to arteries and veins for elective and emergency vascular reconstruction and bleeding control.

Course 2 / Part 1: Vascular reconstructions in living animals (mini pigs) – 1 day course
Anatomic dissection and reconstruction of various arteries, including suture techniques and theoretical background.

Course 2 / Part 2: Endovascular treatment in living animals (mini pigs) – 1 day course
Techniques for arterial interventions, including puncture techniques, balloon, and stent application and theoretical background.

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