Journal «Angiology and Vascular Surgery» • 

2021 • VOLUME 27 • №2

Endovascular arterialization of deep crural and pedal veins in a patient with critical lower limb ischaemia

Eroshenko An.V.1,2, Eroshkin I.A.3,4, Zubova E.A.5, Kovylov A.O.6, Krasnoshchekova L.S.2

1 Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, Faculty of Additional Professional Education, N.I. Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University under the RF Ministry of Public Health,
2 Joint-Stock Company «Clinic K+31»,
3 Department of Radiodiagnosis, I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University of the RF Ministry of Public Health,
4 N.V. Sklifosofsky Research Institute of Emergency Medicine of the Moscow Healthcare Department,
5 Department of Emergency Cardiology, Municipal Clinical Hospital № 51 of the Moscow Healthcare Department,
6 Endocrinological Dispensary of the Moscow Healthcare Department, Moscow, Russia

Described in the article is a clinical case report regarding complete endovascular arterialization of deep crural and pedal veins in a male patient with accompanying pathology and impossibility of intraluminal restoration of the arterial bed. Peculiarities of the presented case report consisted in creation of an arteriovenous anastomosis in the upper third of the crus using an endovascular technique. During treatment, a repeat intervention was required, i. e., balloon angioplasty of veins and implantation of an additional stent graft due to reocclusion of veins because of long-term local treatment of wounds and cytostatic therapy for background diseases (chronic myeloleukaemia and rheumatoid arthritis). The performed treatment resulted in a clear trend towards healing of the wounds on the foot and limb salvage.

KEY WORDS: arterialization, lower limb critical ischaemia, atherosclerosis, amputation, stent graft.

p. 60-65

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