Journal «Angiology and Vascular Surgery» • 

2019 • VOLUME 25 • №1

Use of topical haemostatic agents in cardiovascular surgery

Komarov R.N.1,2, Karavaikin P.A.1,2, Kuznetsov A.A.3, Shcherbenev V.M.4, Bredikhin R.A.5, Gnevashev A.S.6, Yudin A.N.7, Tsekhanovich V.N.8, Andreev D.B.9

1) Clinic of Aortic and Cardiovascular Surgery,
2) Chair of Hospital Surgery of Therapeutic Department, First Moscow State Medical University named after I.M. Sechenov under the RF Ministry of Public Health,
3) Central Military Clinical Hospital named after A.A. Vishnevsky of the RF Ministry of Defence, Moscow,
4) Clinical Cardiological Dispensary, Perm,
5) Interregional Clinical and Diagnostic Centre, Kazan,
6) North-West Federal Medical Research Centre named after V.A. Almazov under the RF Ministry of Public Health, Saint Petersburg,
7) Ulyanovsk Regional Clinical Hospital, Ulyanovsk,
8) Regional Clinical Hospital, Omsk,
9) Federal Centre of Cardiovascular Surgery under the RF Ministry of Public Health, Khabarovsk, Russia

The problem of haemostasis in cardiovascular surgery is of current concern. Recent trends are towards increased use of topical haemostatic agents. Tachocomb has been used for more than 30 years in abdominal surgery and oncology. The purpose of the present publication is to analyse the literature data and formulate the indications for the use of Tachocomb in cardiovascular surgery. Multicenter randomized and local studies have demonstrated efficacy of Tachocomb in treatment of surgical haemorrhage in operations on the heart, thoracic aorta, carotid arteries and lower-limb arteries, resulting in significantly decreased time to achieve haemostasis, decreased volume of blood loss and haemotrasfusion, as well as reduced frequency of complications. Also shown was economic efficacy, including a shortened length of patients’ hospital stay. This is followed by describing a wide spectrum of examples of alternative use of Tachocomb, including its use for seamless closure of defects of cardiac chamber walls, aero- and lymphostasis, prevention of formation of commissures. Convincing experimental and clinical results make it possible to formulate a series of indications for the use of Tachocomb in cardiovascular surgery.

KEY WORDS: cardiovascular surgery, surgical haemostasis, haemostatic agents, fibrin haemostatics, Tachocomb, Tachosil.

P. 142

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